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Jumping Ship

I have moved my site over to WordPress from Blogger, so let’s see how this goes! I think it could be a better format for publishing my research.

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Review of Practice – ‘Slides’ installation

This piece is for my January assessment, along with a pile of sketchbooks, photo books and contextual research on the right of the table. The pictures don’t show the detail enough so I hope to document some more soon. 
It’s an installation called ‘Slides’ which is an investigation into interior and exterior spaces. I created a set of three slides (see image 3), which are double-sided drawings of old buildings in Birmingham. The back of the slides depict features of the interiors of the buildings, which shine through the front when held to the light. Each experience will echo that of finding an old box of slides and holding them up to the light for the first time, but also question formal conventions of architecture and photography.

As well as using the re-emerging themes in my work of architecture, dereliction and landscape, this work is a further investigation into the processes of drawing and photography. I am interested in the way that photography uses light as its tool of manipulation, and how drawing can be used in a similar way. 
This is my first large scale installation piece. I wanted to create a room that had echoes of a stark, pre-industrialised world that the viewer could immerse themselves in. I also wanted to get rid of modern technologies to encourage the viewer to imagine themselves in a time when these buildings were just built, or photography was film based, and in its early stages of conception. The slide box is labelled ‘hold slides up to the light’, which encourages the viewer to be part of the process of the lighting of the work. The buildings feel like architectural plans and then become alive and illuminated with the human interaction. My research has been focussed on subjective experiences of landscapes, cities and spaces, and writers like Doreen Masey and Georg Simmel have given me the inspiration to rethink the urban experience in terms of its histories, subjectivities and aesthetics.

I think the piece works well in the space. The stylised, almost proletariat feel of the space is what I wanted to create. However, I feel that I need to spend time rethinking how people interact with the space, and question how what they experience. I think I need to spend more time experimenting with ideas so that the driving concepts are clearer. 
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Dryden Goodwin

Just watched a dvd of interviews with Dryden Goodwin. I’m trying to really focus on the techniques and processes of drawing and photography, and his work does a lot of this sort of thing. These multi layered drawings are really dynamic, almost like films. 
Matt by Dryden Goodwin (2002)
These ‘Cradle’ pieces are photographs scratched with compass points. The idea of it seems quite menacing but they feel quite tender with the way the lines hold the face.
Cradle 1, Cradle 2, Cradle 3 and Cradle 4 by Dryden Goodwin (2002)
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Joanna Inman’s Slides

After deciding that I am going to turn my images into slides, I have been researching artists who have done similar things. Joanna Inman photographs old slides which have partially disintergrated, often depicting famous images, like Roman ruins. Here is her website: I think the way she reimages things is interesting, and I’ve been reading a lot about ‘ruins’ in the postmodern world and these images seem to make a link to this. 
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Photography and Drawing

I’ve been thinking some more about the link between photography and drawing in my work. I like playing with light and i think that it what drives me towards both of these things. I’ve been reading a great book by Eric de Mare about the basic science of photography. I want to go back to the essential techniques of camera obscura and light sensitive materials and rethink them in terms of drawing and landscape. I have put my ghost building pictures in between two pieces of glass and they are really reminiscent of old slides. I’ve used masking tape to frame them in in a similar way to some large format old slides I used to have. For me, this idea of creating a slide is a really interesting link between photography and drawing and it’s something I want to explore more.
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The Royalty Cinema and Gala Bingo

This piece is based on this old cinema in Harborne. The inside is an amazing 1920s art deco cinema, and I’ve drawn the original stage on the back which shines through when the light hits it. I’m still having trouble deciding how to present them. Here, the image is between two plates of glass, and I’m wondering whether to somehow fix them all between glass for now, so they resemble slides. Originally I was thinking I wanted them to have a feeling that they were like pressed flowers. 

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